Barbie Girls Is Awsome


This is how it looked when they first started barbiegirls! but now they have changed it a lot! V.I.P is a new thing they made were you have to pay (real live money plus tax) to get to play cool games! Buy clothes and furni and a pet!!! It was fun because when i first played there i made a very best friend!!! her username was DivaBug!!! We pl....Lets stop there!!!  I was a V.I.P and i told a girl my password!!!

This is how the dress up looked when they first started barbiegirls! Dressing up was fun i made my girl have black hair and green eyes!!! now since they made V.I.P (means very importiant person) Its no fun! Some V.I.P think that they are prettier than basic (if your a V.I.P please don't be rude and mean) The chatting on there as gottin worse!!! There are lots of things you can't say!!!

This is how games looked when they first started barbiegirls! They had to use MyScene™ games! because they couldn't make there own! but now they made plenty of games for barbiegirls!!! (i can't say much about games...)