Barbie Girls Is Awsome

Buzz & Goss

Find this stuff on! Im gonna tell you some stuff on this.........

Latest Fave Girl (LFG)


She is so sweet to her friends beacause she gives them giftes all the time!

She is the best at playing games.

Rank A Rockin Room!

Trick It Out!

(Only on barbiegrls and is only for V.I.P)

Watcha Think?



Barbie Gurlz-GLAMOROUS is a Sneak Peek of it! Its a new thing im working on so this is just a Sneak Peek of it....ENJOY!!!

Dare Ya!

We dare you to wear the same clothing on your barbiegirl for a week! (if you don't know what barbiegirls is still or if you have never gone on then you can't do this) Whoever does it can change their barbiegirls clothes when a week has past....

Don't Ya ♥ It!

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